This site is an open conversation with the people, businesses, communities of Croydon and wider experts, to help shape a new vision and strategy for the borough’s digital transformation.

Why digital matters

Digital is about recognising the way the internet has changed our lives, and harnessing that change for better ways of living and working. The internet has given us higher standards for services, from how we order a takeout and keep in touch with friends, to how we do important things like find jobs and homes, manage our health and finances, and get around.

The same higher standards should apply for council services, too.

Digital is a priority for Croydon

Recognising this need, Croydon Council recently appointed a new Chief Digital Officer to lead the next stage of digital transformation for the council and borough.

You can read more about the new team and its aims and follow its progress on croydon.digital – a blog that the team shares with Croydon’s tech community to tell the wider story of how digital innovation, data and technology are helping Croydon prosper.

A new digital strategy for Croydon

As a next stage, we are now developing a new digital strategy to guide and communicate this important work.

The strategy will set a clear vision and direction for how digital design, data and technology will support our ambitions as a council to work differently, deliver our Corporate Plan to 2022, and make lasting changes to how we meet more of our your needs, more quickly and conveniently to you – and making sure that we do so inclusively, leaving nobody behind in the process.

It’s all about how we maximise the opportunities of digital to improve the services you use, the places where you live and work, and how efficiently the council functions so that it can provide best value to local taxpayers. These are your services, so we really want to hear from as many people, businesses and community groups as possible across the borough to help us shape this strategy.

Please use this website to tell us the changes you want to see, and we look forward to sharing the strategy with you in summer 2019.