Agility and Agile are not the same

Do not rush to adopt and embrace all of the rituals and working practices of an agile methodology such as SCRUM. Instead embrace a culture of agility and acceptable risk taking, find out enough to move forward, write down what needs to be written down, review and learn regularly, just without requiring slavish adherence to a methodology that was design to aid a highly functional team of developers to produce code for a specific largely static (at a high level) outcome, e.g. build product X.

2 thoughts on “Agility and Agile are not the same

  1. Here here! Scrum is a great framework for many reasons but only a fool thinks it’s the perfect answer to all questions.

  2. Totally. Rest assured I believe firmly in agile with a small a, and that it’s a way of thinking (embracing test and learn, continuously) not a methodology. We will evolve and adapt our working methods to suit the job at hand.

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