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Advertise markets/shop in Croydon

Perhaps adopt an online advertising page that will help local business advertise their businesses online via the Croydon council website. The markets/shops can be verified of their existence and location. Customers could potentially be able to find a reliable source of help online and be able to find the places to shop easily. Business owners […]

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better parking facilities

I live in South Croydon but I am shopping in New Addington today. I really like their parking system where residents get an hour free parking for them to shop and visit. This system should be in and around Croydon town centre too.

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It would be nice for local business to be advertised in Croydon council so it will help us and the borough to thrive. Things like a virtual market where residents can view what we have to sell and come to buy from us.

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Smart Digital Services

Our experiences with smart cities have shown us that future digital services should have the goal of being personalised to the needs of residents and visitors, ideally in real-time. With IoT, services need to be put in to context and adapted for each user based on their situation, so they can be alerted to the […]

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Would be better to have more WiFi spots to video call people so that you have a backup if you run out of data.

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Parking and access

It would be great to see parking and car access information integrated on online maps similarly to Google maps to see what restrictions are in place, availability etc. This could also be useful for access . I heard that Croydon Council are currently making in excess of £1 million pounds a year from a poorly […]

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Digital Worker Co-ops

Hi i run a digital worker co-op with my friends up in Finsbury Park, as we’re a worker co-op we re-invest our surplus in tech for good projects in the local area. We’re also part of a network of over 30 worker owned tech co-ops from across the country and i would love to see […]

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support for digital businesses

I find that the Council does very little to support local businesses. I ran a social media consultancy and offered to do workshops to skill up local people in digital skills and it was like pulling teeth. On top of that they expect businesses to deliver workshops for free, not valuing professional skills/expertise/time.



Let’s ensure we reach out to all the borough, with a fluidity and flexibility that engages, I suggest it’s not a one size fits all solution. Let’s shout about actual deliverables, behaviour breeds behaviour

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Be more diverse

It’s great that you’re doing this, well done. But you need to be more diverse. All the 4 of the people in that video are middle aged and white. It doesn’t represent our diverse community or, I suspect, your own workforce. If you’re stuck then contact your Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) employee network. […]

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Communication and Collaboration

As I walk around Croydon, I often see some of the most destitute and often young adults. I think it would be beneficial to hear first hand, from the people facing problems, and hear what they suggest the solutions are for them. This then may help us, be useful for staff working on the behalf […]

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