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Open data for infrastructure

Insist on data generated by infrastructure in Croydon is open by default, with stable identifiers. Also, provide sample procurement contracts that are open and flexible, for use in Croydon and other local government. Build a basic digital layer into all projects – eg Westfield. Croydon WiFi – free and fast.

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Education, education, education

I really refute the “fact” that Croydon is a tech hub. It is hard to recruit good local technical people. But I believe that the transformation that Croydon is going through could generate the asset5s required to get there. It must start with schools preparing kids to the jobs of today and of the future. […]

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Tech and the autism community

Work with universities, autism recruitment specialists and local tech companies to create pathways to work for the autism community in tech. Take silicon valley’s innovative ways of recruiting and assessing as an example and become national leaders in this field to attract huge tech talent to the area. Find local Tech & autism Leaders by […]

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Code Club in every Croydon school

Please can you help getting every primary and secondary Croydon school running a Code Club. It’s an after school club for 9-13. This will give them an introduction to coding, web page creation, and other computational thinking skills. The clubs are free and run by volunteers or by the school themselves. More info at

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Create a maker’s yard

It’s quite popular for tech companies to have “maker’s yards” ( These are places with access to support resources and hardware to let people build interesting things and collaborate. For example, it could contain a 3D printer or lego robotics kits or host robotics competitions, etc.. You could pay to have access to the yard […]

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Do something useful with the telephone boxes

The telephone boxes in the borough are useless. They have fancy screens and give the impression you can browse the internet on them, but it’s very restrictive. I have played around with them and the data is bland and not particularly useful. I believe this article is a great summary: You could easily run […]

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