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Automation of council services

Services to do with council tax updates, claiming benefits and anything to do with residents need to be automated. Residents usually get delayed responses as everything is done manually and most times responses take longer than usual. Residents end up going into Access Croydon or calling the council to find out whether the updates have […]

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Online services

Better explanations of the next steps after submitting a request. Requests most times have to be followed up manually by phone or coming into Access Croydon which is time consuming. It causes and increase in demand for us working here. Improve the online services responses so that Croydons residents are happier with the councils digital […]

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parking is a mess

Struggle to find the right option online for appealing parking fine. There is long time for the service to respond two to three weeks. You get immediate acknowledgement but not a resolution.

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Customer Service

You need to improve your customer service so that people can actually enjoy living in Croydon! Train your staff to be helpful and friendly and get their work done properly. Better customer service on the phone and in person would really make ones day better!

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Online assistance

The use of online chat would be handy when one faces issues whilst using the councils services. This will save us all time on having to call the council for help when we get stuck. An interactive help desk functionality would make life easier for us all!

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dementia awareness

My wife died last year and I looked after her for 5 years as she had dementia. After she died I have found out so many thing that would have helped so better information through other channels like doctors would be good, as when looking after someone its hard to find time to actively look […]

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qr codes

Make better use of technology out there. In India we can scan a qr code to make a payment straight from my bank account. Would be easy to do that with bills for the council instead of having to go online, login etc

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StreetPin response to Digital Services

Response from StreetPin – a community-focused startup, looking to set up full-time business in Sussex Innovation Centre: StreetPin provides an ecosystem which supports local retailers and businesses with usable, transferable digital skills. Our ethos is to bring digital to those that ‘don’t do digital’ – we facilitate learning via tangible, digital skills for the masses […]

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StreetPin response to digital services

Response from StreetPin – a community-focused startup, looking to set up full-time business in Sussex Innovation Centre: StreetPin could facilitate: • Breaking down community barriers via discoverable, open, online hubs that prompt in-person interaction • Use a ‘micro and macro’ approach to creating useful, contextual meeting places online for a block of flats, a café, […]

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