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dementia awareness

My wife died last year and I looked after her for 5 years as she had dementia. After she died I have found out so many thing that would have helped so better information through other channels like doctors would be good, as when looking after someone its hard to find time to actively look […]

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qr codes

Make better use of technology out there. In India we can scan a qr code to make a payment straight from my bank account. Would be easy to do that with bills for the council instead of having to go online, login etc

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StreetPin response to Digital Services

Response from StreetPin – a community-focused startup, looking to set up full-time business in Sussex Innovation Centre: StreetPin provides an ecosystem which supports local retailers and businesses with usable, transferable digital skills. Our ethos is to bring digital to those that ‘don’t do digital’ – we facilitate learning via tangible, digital skills for the masses […]

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StreetPin response to digital services

Response from StreetPin – a community-focused startup, looking to set up full-time business in Sussex Innovation Centre: StreetPin could facilitate: • Breaking down community barriers via discoverable, open, online hubs that prompt in-person interaction • Use a ‘micro and macro’ approach to creating useful, contextual meeting places online for a block of flats, a café, […]

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Digital listening and inclusion

I often feel that the council delivers a lot of ‘initiatives’ which are top down , formulaic, tick box and rolled out on a conveyor belt. These can be unimaginative and reach I suspect few people with any lasting or meaningful impact. Yet they take up a lot of resource – both human and financial. […]

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There is so much positive about this invite to influence stratergy. I would just spare a thought for those where English is the second language and how addressing low skilled can be assisted.

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What can I recycle?

I’d love a way to identify what I can recycle. Here in the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra), we’ve done some work using convolutional neural networks to identify objects using smartphones. If you could offer something that will tell me if I can recycle it or not, I’d find it useful. At […]

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Digital isn’t for everyone

I know a number of elderly people who rely on others to contact the Council for them, because they themselves are most uncomfortable when faced with a computer. This is frequently in a library (they don’t own one) and it’s frustrating (and shaming) not to be able to cope. Non-digital methods should be made available […]


The Local Offer

Please redesign so that it is easy to get useful info for SEND. Involve parents in its redesign. Especially patents and carers whose first language is not English. Make sure it is fully accessible for visually and hearing impaired.

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Filtering is important

I used to receive text messages but am currently receiving emails to advise me that my council tax installment is due. I usually receive these messages after I have paid my bill and find them very irritating. it would be far better to send messages to customers who have missed their payment rather than send […]

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How I want to interact online

Make it consistent – it’s all so different, some on my account, some email (so many!) Some impossible to find on a huge website, with a search that doesn’t work (and in fact brings up Google results first!). Make it easy – find info or how to interact is confusing and the language doesn’t help. […]

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I would welcome digital services which have greater accessibility i.e. video, audible, easy to follow. I work within the Sensory Impairment Team with many residents who have difficulty accessing technological services and I also worry some residents will be left behind and further isolated. Please ensure any services developed also include “reasonable adjustments” as over […]

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