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Digital Business Academy

The Digital Business Academy is a free online platform for people in the UK looking to gain the skills needed to start, join or grow a technology/digital company. It is fully government-funded and free for anybody to learn on, with 85 courses created alongside Cambridge University and UCL. Signposting our free resource on your digital […]

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Advertise markets/shop in Croydon

Perhaps adopt an online advertising page that will help local business advertise their businesses online via the Croydon council website. The markets/shops can be verified of their existence and location. Customers could potentially be able to find a reliable source of help online and be able to find the places to shop easily. Business owners […]

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Query responses

Use technology to improve the time it takes to respond to queries. If you want more people to want to live or/and work in Croydon. Make sure those who are living and/or working there are happy with your services. Being able to submit applications for housing benefits, with us receiving acknowledgements and actual responses would […]

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Planning Permission Portal

I have noticed there are so many flats being built and tall buildings built around us and they are built at an exponential rate. I had provided my feedback on the online portal but did not receive any feedback or response. This has made me feel invisible. It is good practice for an acknowledgement to […]

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It would be nice for local business to be advertised in Croydon council so it will help us and the borough to thrive. Things like a virtual market where residents can view what we have to sell and come to buy from us.

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Smart Digital Services

Our experiences with smart cities have shown us that future digital services should have the goal of being personalised to the needs of residents and visitors, ideally in real-time. With IoT, services need to be put in to context and adapted for each user based on their situation, so they can be alerted to the […]

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Croydon Digital Service

Croydon has a new Chief Digital Officer at great expense with a hugely expanded and expensive team. Can you tell me what has actually been delivered since Croydon has its first CDO. The focus should be on delivering, not social media and blogs. That’s not helping our vulnerable citizens or delivering better services


Bin services

The use of technology to make the bin services better would be a great help. Bins are not always collected on time and it makes the area smell really bad as well as making it an open invitation to vermin. Contacting the council to report bins has proven to be useless and I do not […]

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Hi, I run a business of 6 staff in Croydon but I am actually afraid to say who I am here for fear of being penalised. However, I went to an event last night about the Council buying from local businesses. I have been to a few of these now over the years and have […]

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Automation of council services

Services to do with council tax updates, claiming benefits and anything to do with residents need to be automated. Residents usually get delayed responses as everything is done manually and most times responses take longer than usual. Residents end up going into Access Croydon or calling the council to find out whether the updates have […]

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We are put off working the Council by the time it takes to get invoices paid. Fellow business owners have stated a year in some cases – is that even legal? I think you need to go out and do some active consultation on this and with community groups and hear first hand their experiences […]

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Online services

Better explanations of the next steps after submitting a request. Requests most times have to be followed up manually by phone or coming into Access Croydon which is time consuming. It causes and increase in demand for us working here. Improve the online services responses so that Croydons residents are happier with the councils digital […]

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