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Hi, I run a business of 6 staff in Croydon but I am actually afraid to say who I am here for fear of being penalised. However, I went to an event last night about the Council buying from local businesses. I have been to a few of these now over the years and have […]

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Automation of council services

Services to do with council tax updates, claiming benefits and anything to do with residents need to be automated. Residents usually get delayed responses as everything is done manually and most times responses take longer than usual. Residents end up going into Access Croydon or calling the council to find out whether the updates have […]

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We are put off working the Council by the time it takes to get invoices paid. Fellow business owners have stated a year in some cases – is that even legal? I think you need to go out and do some active consultation on this and with community groups and hear first hand their experiences […]

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Online services

Better explanations of the next steps after submitting a request. Requests most times have to be followed up manually by phone or coming into Access Croydon which is time consuming. It causes and increase in demand for us working here. Improve the online services responses so that Croydons residents are happier with the councils digital […]

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Parking and access

It would be great to see parking and car access information integrated on online maps similarly to Google maps to see what restrictions are in place, availability etc. This could also be useful for access . I heard that Croydon Council are currently making in excess of £1 million pounds a year from a poorly […]

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Digital Worker Co-ops

Hi i run a digital worker co-op with my friends up in Finsbury Park, as we’re a worker co-op we re-invest our surplus in tech for good projects in the local area. We’re also part of a network of over 30 worker owned tech co-ops from across the country and i would love to see […]

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Diversity and opportunity

My biggest problem with this is the HUGE amount of money being spent on building a digital team at the council, largely full of mates of mates, which from the very beginning smacks of the usual public sector traits of navel gazing, nepotism and one giant echo chamber – would love to know what the […]

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Waste and recycling collection

You need to create a way of gathering information on problems and successes of waste and recycling collection services to solve local problems, educate, enforce, and improve customer satisfaction and efficiency. I have personally experienced many times where my recycling was not collected and it so frustrating! When I call the council, I’am told to […]

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