Create a maker’s yard

It’s quite popular for tech companies to have “maker’s yards” ( These are places with access to support resources and hardware to let people build interesting things and collaborate.

For example, it could contain a 3D printer or lego robotics kits or host robotics competitions, etc.. You could pay to have access to the yard for a certain period of time (i.e. an hourly fee) plus staff to help people get started (paid or volunteers). Some kind of discount to encourage children to go perhaps.

Consider the place to be something like a library (a place where you go to study and read) but instead technology based (a place where you go to build amazing things, learn from other people, get involved in building things for the borough). It could perhaps be the flagship hub that embodies the pillars of Croydon’s tech transformation. The TMRW cafe is already a great hub, so perhaps they could host these types of things or it could be a brand new building near there?

I’m quite sure a tech company like Microsoft or Amazon or Google would loan these types of things, they always want kids to grow up using their technologies so it would be beneficial to them too.

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  1. This sounds like a brilliant initiative. We will look into it and keep it in mind for our roadmap.

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