dementia awareness

My wife died last year and I looked after her for 5 years as she had dementia. After she died I have found out so many thing that would have helped so better information through other channels like doctors would be good, as when looking after someone its hard to find time to actively look for the information.

Also a one stop shop, when I registered her death would have been nice for the council tax bill to be changed and her name removed as I only just noticed her name was on there, and I found out I can get a discount

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  1. Hi – this is a heartbreaking story, sorry for your loss and even more sorry that you didn’t find the help you could have had more easily.

    Something we plan to do with the new improved website is to incorporate the Step by Step service pattern I was part of creating at my former job at GOV.UK. It is a really effective way of clearly setting out what to do and what help is available, for any given user need, and has recently won a prestigious design award. See some info here:

    I’ll see whether we can prioritise dementia info as one of the early projects for this, it would seem to be a very good fit and something where we can make a significant difference to people’s lives.

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