Digital listening and inclusion

I often feel that the council delivers a lot of ‘initiatives’ which are top down , formulaic, tick box and rolled out on a conveyor belt. These can be unimaginative and reach I suspect few people with any lasting or meaningful impact. Yet they take up a lot of resource – both human and financial. Many events and projects that take place in Croydon involve the same 100- 200 people, an echo chamber of back slapping , photo calls and then on to the next. The council completely fails to engage with 99% of the borough’s population and should be using digital technology to engage and inspire people and ensure people of all ages , backgrounds , income, disability are not excluded from the digital agenda. It’s lazy thinking to say ‘everyone has got a smart phone/ access to the internet’

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  1. Thanks for this, it’s an interesting point and would be good to hear more. Do you have any thoughts on what the council can/should be doing differently, as part of this digital strategy, to reach more people / a more representative group of people?

    We aren’t going to assume everyone has access to the internet and smart phones, but we do want more people (those who can) to self-serve where there’s no need to get in touch so they can have an easier, quicker, more convenient interactions with the council. We absolutely need to also make sure there is always an offline service available, and support with digital skills and internet access for those who are less able for whatever reason.

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