Diversity and opportunity

My biggest problem with this is the HUGE amount of money being spent on building a digital team at the council, largely full of mates of mates, which from the very beginning smacks of the usual public sector traits of navel gazing, nepotism and one giant echo chamber – would love to know what the council is actually doing to speak to the general population in Croydon rather than the usual suspects. we need inclusion, equality and diversity

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. We completely agree with the central point here, i.e. the value of diversity and inclusion, and the need to represent the communities we serve.

    I can assure you that all recruitment to permanent roles in the digital services team has been conducted through fair and open process. We have appointed the best candidate in each case, based on an objective, competency-based selection process which includes diverse panel representation and (in most cases) someone outside of the team as an independent panel member. We have appointed a wide range of people from different backgrounds, some known to existing team members but many who were not.

    I can see how you may have formed this impression, however people with relevant experience in digital public sector transformation often do know one another as it is a heavily networked arena, with numerous events and knowledge sharing activities. All of this is with the aim of making best use of precious public resources to deliver the best outcomes for the most people across our sector, so it’s a thing to celebrate rather than apologise for. That said, the “echo chamber” is a thing to be conscious of – and we are actively mindful of the diversity of our team overall.

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