How I want to interact online

Make it consistent – it’s all so different, some on my account, some email (so many!) Some impossible to find on a huge website, with a search that doesn’t work (and in fact brings up Google results first!).

Make it easy – find info or how to interact is confusing and the language doesn’t help. I was trying to pay my mum’s Caroline the other day, try it, not easy!

Make it two way- tell me how ling something’s going to take, what or when I will hear, and let me see my interactions with you on my account so I or you can post messages, managing my expectations and saving us both time and money.

Keep it up to date. So many pages and not with a simple ‘last updated note like nhs.

I don’t want to call or email – I want simple, consistent and two way services online.

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  1. Thanks for these comments, they’re very helpful. We will most definitely be making signficant improvements to the council’s website and digital services. including making them more coherent and consistent

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