I don’t want to have to interact with the council

In the 20+ years that I’ve lived here there have been precisely two times that I’ve had to interact with the council in a positive way. The first of those was when I first moved to the borough and so had to register for Council Tax. The second was a few days later when I registered with the library. In neither of those cases had the council done anything wrong.

Every single time since then that I’ve had to interact with them it’s either because the council has screwed up (eg not emptying the bins, or not pro-actively clearing up litter, or not notifying residents of temporary parking restrictions) or they’ve been having a consultation on how to screw up (eg attempts to introduce parking charges unnecessarily).

So I recommend not putting much effort into “being digital” whatever that means (and despite working in “the tech sector” for over two decades I still don’t really know what it means) and instead the council puts effort into things like emptying bins on time, sweeping streets, cleaning up graffiti etc, and on thinking before doing unnecessary things just to look good to some voters.

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  1. Sorry to hear it!

    To your main point, we agree – nobody ever really *wants* to have to interact with their council. They may need to at points, either to get us to fix something that has gone wrong as per your examples, or to get help with some aspect of their lives/family/housing needs etc. The point is that we need to make this as easy, convenient and quick as possible for people so they can get back to what they were doing, and so it minimises stress when people are often in vulnerable, difficult circumstances.

    This is where digital can make a really big difference, and why this strategy matters. It is not at all about looking good to some voters, it’s about better outcomes for the people of Croydon.

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