StreetPin response to Digital council

Response from StreetPin – a community-focused startup, looking to set up full-time business in Sussex Innovation Centre:

Our network of local organisational Pinboards (mini websites) provides the perfect platform for individually themed communities to thrive. This infrastructure also enables the council to digitally, instantly connect with citizens dependant on theme and/or location. The council can also create themed Pinboards themselves. For example ‘Don’t mess with Croydon’ common themed hubs throughout the borough organising meetups, volunteering sessions, discussing how to implement change, all of which can then be aggregated in to a central, real-time directory of all the projects.

KPIs could include:
• Demonstrate value in areas of high and low connectivity, regardless of device
• Provide tangible reporting such as:
• Uptake in council engagement ie a 20% rise in feedback for public consultations
• 1,000 more citizens saw council messaging this week
• 1000 citizens are now following Local Authority Pinboards, receiving instant, localised announcements
• 500 citizens have participated in Local Authority surveys within Pinboards

Other benefits could include:
• Instant alerts posted across communities for things like a missing child or dangerous activity
• Snippets of Croydon news sent to communities by location and/or theme in short format to reach previously unengaged parts of the population
• A whole new set of anonymised data, and in conjunction with other suppliers, provide a complete picture of Croydon life such as pedestrian flow, topics of concern by area, purchasing habits, community habits…