StreetPin response to Digital Services

Response from StreetPin – a community-focused startup, looking to set up full-time business in Sussex Innovation Centre:

StreetPin provides an ecosystem which supports local retailers and businesses with usable, transferable digital skills. Our ethos is to bring digital to those that ‘don’t do digital’ – we facilitate learning via tangible, digital skills for the masses

We provide the tools for anyone to get their business, organisation or interest online and integrated with the surrounding communities, within minutes

We aggregate content from each community in a real-time, local directory of deals, events, news, chats, meetings… The ultimate, instant shoppers’ guide for any High Street. With added benefits such as bringing back the sense of belonging and community to High Streets

Examples we’d love to prove
• Culture: Pinboards at each of the RISE Murals – with information about the artist and opportunity to discuss with interested parties Highlighting events and venues with opportunity to interact before, during and after.
• Opportunities for all: with the forthcoming super mall – StreetPin could off-set the disruption to local businesses and perhaps there will also be funding to create physical, digital pin boards around Croydon.
• Open areas: We aim to demonstrate scalability via Pinboards at many Croydon parks. These intuitive, easy-to-use sites demonstrate how parks can be interactive for the users, but also connected to events and goings-on in the towns. They can also be sponsored and generate revenues for park projects.
• Social purpose – StreetPin is striving to make a difference to community interaction in the via an accessible, inclusive environment, which blends on and offline interaction. Our easy-to-use, contextual community platform is intended to reduce isolation and bring neighbours together via common locations, themes and goals.
• Pop ups, new businesses and events – integrate instantly with surrounding communities and shoppers. Promote directly to your core audiences, effectively and affordably.
• Jobs – apart from the new jobs that will be needed in the core team, StreetPin will be actively looking for support partners in various roles as well as enabling anyone to be a sales partner – providing high commissions for local engagements along with support and learning digital/in-person customer skills. StreetPin Pinboards also enable local businesses to promote available positions,

Example KPIs
• Working with retailers to show demonstrable results ie 15% reduction in weekly disposals of perishable goods
• Demonstrate both micro and macro use cases ie positive feedback from a single market stall owner through to our aggregated, collaborative town model
• Uptake of digital solutions ie 20 organisations reliant on leaflets are now seeing increased benefit from digital solutions
• ‘500’ organisations have now received digital marketing and community engagement training
• ‘200’ leisure/sport communities were created with an average of 50 daily views and 30 daily comments each
• ‘300’ retailers are now offering collaborative promotions