StreetPin response to digital services

Response from StreetPin – a community-focused startup, looking to set up full-time business in Sussex Innovation Centre:

StreetPin could facilitate:
• Breaking down community barriers via discoverable, open, online hubs that prompt in-person interaction
• Use a ‘micro and macro’ approach to creating useful, contextual meeting places online for a block of flats, a café, an office – then demonstrate the benefits of collaboration across an area such as the High Street, or ‘South Croydon’
• Possible examples for local hubs:
• New Addington regeneration: Have your say
• Croydon BID: Get your Big Lunch plans together on StreetPin
• Go Wild Croydon: We need volunteers at Wandle Park

As the community-of-communities grow, this presents a new way to reach a wider audience – using the tools and methods that people are using anyway, rather than having to seek out the council website and filling in a form – engage with citizens in a chatty, local, contextual way such as:
• At a bus stop – Join our Public Transport Liaison Panel, Tue 09:30 – 10:30
• Please give us your feedback about our Get Involved site!
• Do you know the opportunities for the Young Mayors Fund…?
• There is a public consultation near you now – make your opinion count

StreetPin is a platform that plays well with others – we bring the contextual community function and ability to utilise simplified digital marketing and collaboration – we can then offer bolt-ons for reporting fly-tipping, delivering produce from the market, council surveys…