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Please redesign so that it is easy to get useful info for SEND. Involve parents in its redesign. Especially patents and carers whose first language is not English. Make sure it is fully accessible for visually and hearing impaired.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your comments.

    We have been working behind the scenes on the Local Offer. So far we have worked with parents to:

    * improve the search functionality
    * understand the keywords parents use in search
    * understand their children’s needs
    * understand the types of local services they need

    The website will undergo a slight refresh to ensure it’s easy for parents, carers and young to access the information they want. Including those whose first language is not English.

    Currently, there is a language option at the bottom of the website but we’re working with developers to make it more visible.

    In relation to accessibility for people with hearing and visual impairments, we have an embedded tool called Browsealoud and an accessibility section. We will be looking at how we can improve on this. If you’re experiencing problems using these tools, it would be great if you can tell us.

    We’re keen to have parents, carers and young people to help us continue to improve the website. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to get involved.

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