Waste and recycling collection

You need to create a way of gathering information on problems and successes of waste and recycling collection services to solve local problems, educate, enforce, and improve customer satisfaction and efficiency. I have personally experienced many times where my recycling was not collected and it so frustrating! When I call the council, I’am told to go online all the time and it does not help. Super annoying!!!!

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  1. Bin collections is a service which touches all Croydon residents. Reporting a missed collection is probably one of the highest digital interactions because we are forced to report it this way. The system is clunky and is very frustrating for us ” the customer”. You need to get better at being proactive. Surely your contractor should know if they’ve missed a collection instead of the onus being on us to inform you. You need a facility to tell us you’ve missed it and that you’ll be coming the next day. It’s really not rocket science. Keep us informed so we only contact you when we really need to!

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